Heartfulness & Who magazine scans
May, 02 2016        Posted By Veronique        Comments Off on Heartfulness & Who magazine scans

Geraldine is featured in the May 2016 issue of Heartfulness. Click on the scans below to see them full size:

She was also featutred in the 14 March 2016 issue of Who Magazine. Click on the photo below to see it full size:

Magazine scans & Online Articles
February, 29 2016        Posted By Veronique        Comments Off on Magazine scans & Online Articles

Here are some recent magazine/newspaper scans and articles with Geraldine doing press for “Wanted” or “The Pride”. Click on the photos to see them full size.

Ciao Magazine (5 Feb. 2016):

Daily Telegraph (12 Jan. 2016):

The Brag (3 Feb. 2016):

An here are some recent online articles/interviews, click on the links to be redirected to the original articles/interviews:

* The Daily Telegraph (20 Jan. 2016): Geraldine Hakewill returns to the stage for The Pride at Eternity Theatre
* Altmedia (2 Feb. 2016): The Pride
* The Sydney Morning Herald (7 Feb. 2016): Wanted: Geraldine Hakewill gets behind the wheel of thriller with Rebecca Gibney
* If Magazine (23 Feb. 2016): Geraldine Hakewill and David Field on surreal debut feature The Pretend One
* The Daily Telegraph (23 Feb. 2016): Geraldine Hakewill taken under the wing of Rebecca Gibney on Seven drama Wanted