Young Labor (short) screencaps
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Click HERE to see all caps from Geraldine in the short film “Young Labor”. Some previews:

Chimerica photos
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Click on the photos below to see them full size:

The Daily Telegraph article
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Actress Geraldine Hakewill lets us in on some of her secrets
As told to Renata Gortan, The Sunday Telegraph
March 4, 2017 2:00pm

Young star Geraldine Hakewill starred opposite Rebecca Gibney in Seven Network’s drama Wanted, with a second series set to air later this year. But first she has returned to tread the boards in Chimerica now showing at Sydney Theatre Company.

The hardest working item in my wardrobe is … my Lonely lingerie. I discovered this brand while I was working in New Zealand and it’s the most comfortable and the most beautiful underwear you could ever hope to own. It’s rare to feel special in something that is also really, really comfy.

My most recent purchase wa s… black Dr Denim overalls. I wanted to see if I was an overalls kinda gal, and you know what? I think I am. I’ve had lots of comments already and I think they’re fantastic.

The wardrobe I wish I could raid belongs to … Charlotte Gainsbourg. Elegant, a bit kooky, effortless and ridiculously cool.

Three items every woman should own are … Free education, family planning and clean water. But after those essentials, I reckon a terrific hat to keep the UV rays at bay, a dress or a suit that you feel a million bucks in, and shoes that make you walk like a boss.

I buy shoes over bags because … I love a statement shoe. They take an outfit to the next level. Usually it’s flats and boots over heels, though… I’m a really tall lady.

My make-up MVP is … Perricone MD No Blush Blush. This stuff is magical. It’s the perfect colour for me, it has SPF and it immediately makes me look alive, no matter how rubbish I feel. My make-up artist on Wanted uses it on me for the show because it’s so natural, and now I wear it every day.

My ultimate skincare saviour is… Dr Hauschka Revitalising Mask. I have very temperamental skin and this is a miracle worker on dry patches and acne scars. You can use it as a mask once a week, but I actually use it as a daily moisturiser. It works a treat.

Photography by Johnny Diaz Nicolaidis

I fix a bad hair day with… hats, dry shampoo, messy high buns and distracting eye make-up.

My signature scent is… Le Labo The Noir 29. I love masculine or unisex fragrances that aren’t too sweet. This is so unusual. It’s peppery, there is a bit of rose and incense in there, it makes me feel more mysterious than I am.

My morning routine involves… mediation, yoga, tea, shower, a big breakfast and tea (so much tea) while listening to the news or reading.

Tea over coffee… because coffee makes me go a bit bananas. I do drink coffee when it’s getting to the end of a big job and I’m starting at 4am, but I need tea every morning. I like Earl Grey best.

My comfort food go-to is… potatoes — chips, mashed potato, baked potato, sweet potato fries. It’s the Irish in me.

My favourite Sydney spot is… the Botanical Gardens, and just before sunset is prime. When I was last working at The Opera House I’d go for runs along the water in between shows and it made me fall deeply in love with Sydney.

I’m a regular at… the dumpling tea house inside the White Rabbit Gallery in Chippendale. It’s delicious, and then you get to go and look at all the incredible Chinese art while the dumplings digest.

Photography by Johnny Diaz Nicolaidis

My party trick is… starting the dance floor.

I’m currently binge watching… Saturday Night Live videos, and Chef’s Table on Netflix.

I’m Instagram stalking…. @lord_birthday, my favourite Instagram account. It makes me laugh out loud on public transport.

I’m listening to… Laura Marling’s new singles from her album Semper Femina. I think she’s extraordinary.

My favourite app is… It’s my porn. Right now I’m a bit obsessed with finding land in the mountains where I might build a house one day.

My favourite Friday night in involves… my best friends, making food all together, listening to music and lying on the floor belly-laughing.

My five, real or fictional, dream dinner party guests… David Attenborough because he is wondrous, Neil Gaiman for the stories and Amanda Palmer for the after dinner jam session, Massimo Bottura (chef) for the cheese he would bring, and Mark Ruffalo because, Mark Ruffalo.

If my life had a hashtag, it would be… ​#tallgirllyf